Web-based 3D configuration & rendering tool

Snapshots uses the latest web-based technologies to bring your team an easy-to-use and low cost solution to customize 3D product assets, applying custom materials / finishes, and 4K renders.

No Costly Software Installation

Snapshots is a web-based configuration and rendering tool to help quickly create product customization ideas or to check on the quality of a model before spending the time to download it to your machine. Snapshots is included in the basic $49 / month Hello Raye membership which is a far-cry from spending thousands of dollars upfront for similar tools.

Upload Any 3D Model & Asset

We've made it extremely easy for a designer or marketer to get started with Snapshots. Upload your 3D models to Hello Raye to get started with Snapshots. Adding textures and finishes is a breeze. We even built tools within Snapshots to help with texture mapping as well as customizations for things such as wood sheen levels as well as reflectivity.

Rotate & Resize Products

Move, scale, rotate, and change the camera angles all within Snapshots. Setting the scene is critical to a good product Snapshot. We encourage you to fully utilize the ability to freely manipulate the product to get that perfect shot.

Generate & Share 4K Renders

Render your product Snapshot in minutes. Quickly share your customized product shot with an ultra realistic render that takes minutes to complete instead of hours.

Multi-Product Support

Place multiple models into a single Snapshot to get the best preview of how different product combinations stack up against one another. Visualizing differences has never been easier with our multi-model support for Snapshots. You can even add different product models to a single view to create product sets to showcase.