White-label Discovery Platform

Whether you are a furniture brand or a furniture dealer, OEM Catalogs brings our discovery experience into your own domain. Bring the benefit of our research across tens of thousands of users to create the optimal design for finding the perfect furniture product. Getting started takes minutes as long as your Inventory or brand alignments are already integrated in Hello Raye.

Search Engine Optimization

Trade and non-trade buyers typically start their design process using a search engine. Our OEM solution automatically optimizes your specific catalog for localized SEO which gives your businesses domain more opportunity to come up in the search results. Our system optimizes for keyword combinations that target broad category searches all the way to long tail specific product searches. Start generating more inbound traffic today with OEM catalogs.

Data-Driven User Experience

We are constantly evaluating and improving the discovery experience for both trade and non-trade buyers of furniture. We track the behavior of thousands of users every month to determine the optimal user experience to get users more quickly to their desired products.

Advanced Styling

For brands or dealers that want to brand the experience even further, they can use our advanced styling tool which allows CSS to be applied to the styled elements found within the catalog. Keep in mind that this advanced feature allows users to break the styling that Hello Raye has tested with its users.

Save on Costs

Hiring a dedicated web programming team, a web agency, or creating the experiencing yourself is a costly proposition. In addition to the costs above, we have already invested in putting inventory in our system so you don't have to spend hours of data entry to get your inventory online.