Analytics for the data-driven business

We built Analytics to help sellers quickly understand areas to double down efforts. Take a deeper dive and continue reading along to see the different areas Analytics covers.


Data about how prospective trade and non-trade buyers are engaging with our marketplace is summarized and shared with seller accounts. We have created standardized metrics to help guide sellers on how to optimize their product listing, marketing initiatives, and product mix (benchmarked data).

Product Listing Metrics

Merchandising products has always been top of mind for offline retailers. Based on user interviews with trade and non-trade buyers - we have established guidelines for furniture brands to follow to optimize the browsing experience for prospective customers.

Marketing Metrics

Hello Raye makes it easy for dealers, marketing, and sales teams to track the value of the content they have created and shared to their respective networks. We want to help teams understand the ROI of their efforts utilizing the Hello Raye platform for content curation and distribution.