Built for furniture brands

Making your brand top of mind with designers & buyers.

Technology and services for helping furniture brands bring their best foot forward online. We have created turnkey technology solutions for furniture brands to help their respective dealer network, marketing, and sales teams sell and market online more effectively.


What Hello Raye does for brands

Hello Raye empowers furniture brands to unlock the potential of their inventory and dealer relationships by enabling them to bring their sales and marketing experiences completely online.


Our Technology built for Furniture Brands

We built these technology offerings to help furniture brands for become more discoverable online while also providing ways to keep the conversations going with designers and dealers. Visualization, content creation, customization of products ideas, and sharing it via social networks should be simple.


Compile product combination ideas, notes, and share your public board link with your network of designers. These boards are a way for furniture dealers to keep their brand top of mind with designers in their community.

Benefits for furniture brands

  • Quickly combine product ideas into boards
  • Track how people are engaging with your public board
  • Provide notes and collaborate with designers
  • Create content to be discovered organically through search


We built these technology and service offerings to help furniture brands quickly and accurately convey their value to prospective and current designer relationships. Getting in front of interior designers should not be a cumbersome and costly proposition.

Benefits for furniture brands

  • Easy to use / no software installation required
  • No expensive licenses
  • Customize / configure any 3D model
  • Share 4K renders and track engagement with your design community

Digital Catalogs

No need to hire a web development agency and spend countless hours of data entry to have a digital catalog which showcases your products as well as the appropriate dealer contact for any given market. Give your design contacts an intuitive branded marketplace that funnels inquiries to your sales team or your respective dealers.

Benefits for furniture brands

  • Custom branded with your logo
  • No other dealers are listed
  • Search engine optimized for your serviceable area
  • Custom analytics as well as integrates with 3rd party Analytics tools

CGI and 3D Services for Furniture Brands

Help your design community or corporate buyer better understand the value of your furniture brand and respective products.


CGI Scene Creation

We have helped brands seeking to close a deal with a corporate buyer by helping a customer visualize the potential furniture package being offered.

Benefits for furniture brands

  • Straightforward scene creation pricing
  • Dedicated partnerships team to help you through the creative process
  • Reliable turnaround time
  • Up to 2 revisions per CGI project

3D Model Creation

With a single per model flat fee and reliable turnaround time, brands can have their catalog of products created in 3D (optimized for designers to drop into projects) without going through a slow sales process.

Benefits for furniture brands

  • Straightforward pricing
  • Dedicated partnerships team to help you through your project
  • Reliable turnaround time
  • Designers we have interviewed consider having 3D assets in their decision making process

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