Beautiful CGI Scenes for your Products

3D content created with Hello Raye gives you total control of the creation and management of your content. With CGI scenes, you can convey a myriad of options without compromising your budget or schedule.

Our Partnerships Team

Our partnerships team leverages their past experience in the A+D industry to create a beautiful staged scene that best fits your product(s). We help you every step of the way from inspiration to rendered CGI scene. With our tiered pricing and reliable turnaround time, our CGI scene solution is the perfect substitute to costly and time intensive staged product photography shoots.

Realistic Rendering & Animation

With state of the art rendering technology, our CGI scenes bring your product(s) to life. For an additional fee, your scene can be brought to life with our walkthrough animation option. Please note that our team needs to inspect the models prior to moving into the project. This is to ensure the products have vRay textures to create the most lifelike renders.

Three tiered pricing based on scene size

We created a simple to understand pricing structure to do away with the quoting process. Small scenes are $150, medium scenes are $200, and large scenes are $250. We do offer discounts to dealers and brands that have a basic subscription to Hello Raye.