Furniture Dealers

Hello Raye is a furniture & decor marketplace for both dealers and professional interior designers to connect. The company's mission is simple: To make it easier for all the right parties to get connected in order to fulfill on an interior design project. We accomplish this by giving dealers the tools and online presence for designers to discover them.

Furniture Brands

Hello Raye is a unique marketplace catering to the trade design community. Our technology provides brands and their respective dealers with the ability to showcase their products in a variety of ways to inspire designers to choose their products for their next project. With Hello Raye, you are able to gain online brand exposure to thousands of interior designers around the world.

Why Hello Raye?

Our Technologies

Hello Raye is a cloud-based technology platform that empowers furniture brands and dealers with the power to transform their sales and marketing efforts.


Digital Catalogs

Digital Catalogs

Digital Catalogs


You can now customize 3D assets and generate 4K renders of any object with materials from our library or your own.

Digital Catalogs

Plug and play digital catalog for furniture dealers to represent their products on their own domain.


Stay top of mind with your current designer community by posting content, such as ideas for product combinations conveyed through Hello Raye boards.


In order to keep up with customer demand and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is important that retailers make data-driven decisions on how best to merchandise their products as well as explore new product lines they can offer customers who are looking for something different from what they already have.

Our Services

Our services are designed to help furniture brands and dealers stay in step with the ever-changing trends of how interior designers find inspiration for products.


Digital Catalogs

3D Model Creation

3D modeling is important to design communities in their projects. With our quality guarantee, flat-fee pricing, and two week turnaround time you are guaranteed an excellent service when using us for next asset creation project.

CGI Scene Creation

Our partnerships team and scene creation team work with you to produce a 3D design of your choice, tailored by size. Scenes are offered as small, medium, and large at an affordable flat-fee pricing for each tier.

Inventory Management

We will keep your inventory up to date with our team of experienced data team. In addition, we are developing technology that allows you to sync products on other platforms via API.


Our Fast Growing Design Community

With over 2,000 designers from firms spanning Sasaki, Gensler, NELSON, and IA and over 10,000 monthly users we are at the forefront of design decisions by trade and non-trade buyers.